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Professional Script Analysis and Developement Since 2005

What We Do

We Read

Production companies, studios, agents and individuals send us scripts, novels, stage plays and TV pilots, trusting us to give each one a thorough reading to identify strengths and weaknesses.

We Write

We provide a full analysis, covering story, structure, character development, conflicts, theme, premise, dialogue and writing abilities.

We Advise & Develop

We make suggestions to improve flow, story development, elevating conflicts, creating multi-dimensional characters, adding subtext and anything in between.

What We Do
Laptop Writing

Who We Read For

Companies we proudly read for include:

  • Amazon Studios

  • Crispy Twig Productions

  • Nancy Nayor Casting

  • Atlanta Film Festival

  • The Radmin Company

  • Different Drums Productions

  • Zukalo Entertainment

  • And many more on top of private readings

Who We Read For

Some Nice Things We Heard From Clients

These notes are amazing!

I’ve purchased a lot of paid notes and coverage, but your feedback is the most insightful.


Private Reading

Honestly you did a ton of really high-level work... it was much more than I expected."


Private Reading

“This has to be the most detailed and enlightening feedback I have gotten.”


Private Reading

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